Hey there, Cuties❤ ! Tania Farheen here✋🌸

In a field of ROSES,🌹

30th December, 2019.
Tania Farheen.

I am 21, incase , anyone wants to know *lol* pursuing by English Honours under Calcutta University *Yes!! CU!* and I am very keen about blogging. If you ask me ‘ what I’m expecting from myself with this little step?’ then geniunely I don’t know. I just know that I was always an aspiring blogger and I decided not to procrastinate things any further *I am a hardcore procrastinator btw🕶 * and dive into the “Blogging ocean“.

That foot post👣

I’m here to give my creativity an idendity. Expect mainly fashion and lifestyle blogs, basically trendy and at times vintage fashion maybe. I am into aesthetics. I mean I L O V E aesthetic vintage stuffs *What about you?*

Now when I say Fashion blogs I don’t mean “ just ” Fashion blogs. We can explore together as in how far and wide I am able to extent this.
Not mainstreaming this to anything right now.

You can tell me what kind of content would you like me to create in the comment section.
Maidan, Park Circus (Kolkata)

Thank you so much for reading with patience #unreveur #XOXO #muchlove

You can follow me on intagram also I like creating digital content out there :
My Instagram Handle.


♡The first picture and  the Maidan one in which I am in the frame are taken by @infamous.click aka Apurba Roy , an aspiring photographer

This picture is from his instagram feed. You can  follow him on instagram : https://www.instagram.com/infamous.click/

♡ The pictures in which I’m wearing the white top with mesh puff sleeves are taken by Sania Farheen aka my sister, who is literally for most of the times have been put through torture to take my pictures.

♡The other two are taken by me and all of them are edited by me. I love editing pictures usually I add a hint of retro to them.

And finally heart-warming new year wishes from me to each one of you. Hope 2020 awaits with more ups  than the downs for all of us and is full of surprises and may we be encouraged enough to embrace our creative sides and give them an idendity.


Please cuties ❤, I would love to get a follow:
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